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Join experienced field guides, Lynne and Michael Stone, on a private guided game drive, bush walk or sightseeing tour.

Bush walks in a Private Game Reserve

Explore the trails in a private game reserve on foot with experienced freelance field guides, Lynne and Michael Stone.

'Braai' like a South African

Enjoy a sunset game drive and unique bush braai experience in a private game reserve.

Explore the Kruger National Park and Panorama Route with us, Michael and Lynne Stone, both Freelance Trail Guides

We enjoy driving guests on Safari in our Open Safari Vehicles. We also love leading walks in the bush, or the Blyde Canyon,  whether it be a morning walk or a 3-night backpack adventure.

We have a wide area of interest in nature “from the stones to the stars”.

Our Favourite Tours

1. Guided Trips to the Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park (pick up in Hoedspruit area)
Duration: Minimum 9 hours

Our goal for a day trip to the Kruger National Park is to spend time in a place that is dedicated to conserving what is natural, and to make a day out of the details. Beginning before sunrise, this trip is an opportunity to see it all unfold, and to notice the animal activity change throughout the day. Sunrise brings about the birdsong, the awakening of the bush, the dawn calls and chance to see crepuscular hunters at work. 


Give yourself the gift of patience and watch a waterhole for a while. Our approach is to immerse ourselves in the experience rather than join long queues at a fleeting sighting. We want to see it all unfold and explore the path that Mother Nature has in store for the day.

In a place known around the world as the hub and heart of South Africa’s wildlife, we stand a good chance of leaving at the end of the day with memories of elephants feeding alongside us, giraffes peering curiously at us, hippos bellowing at one another, and alert herds of zebra, wildebeest, and impala filling the plains around us. 

Our expectations for animal sightings aside, we get to unravel the mysteries of how this all came to be. The importance of rock formations, soil production and plant growth, drawing the grazers, browsers, and naturally, predators. It’s not so much about what we see but about what we seeAs we guide you through the natural cycles of life, we invite you to see things differently, taking home Kruger memories bigger than you ever imagined.

From R950 per person (excluding conservation fees), price varies by group size.


2. Guided Bush Walks

Private Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger. Pick up in Hoedspruit area.
Duration: 3 – 4 hours

A bush walk invites you gently out of your comfort zone and gives you the opportunity to let go of the world you know. The familiar falls away and you’ll find yourself tuning into your often-neglected senses to really see and understand the stories of the African bush. As fellow pilgrims journeying on foot, we will look at tracks and signs left by animals in the bush and use our long-practiced knowledge to interpret them and understand what might have unfolded just before us.


A guided walk through territory that belongs not to us but to Africa’s most revered and admired animals has the potential to leave you with a new perspective.

Sharing a pathway carved by elephants en route to water, or leaving your footprints alongside the spoor of a leopard who walked through the night are experiences that give you a profound sense of belonging to nature.

As you walk, your ability to observe details and notice smells and sounds will grow. You’ll feel connected to the environment that was once the home of your ancestors, and what remains at a distance on a game drive suddenly comes into full focus. 

The complexity and beauty of the African bush unfolds as you encounter the bush with us. A whole new world opens up, souls restored, perspective gained, senses stimulated. Where we walk in nature, our journey covers everything from the Stones to the Stars.

From R675 per person.


3. A South African bush ‘braai’

Private Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger. Pick up in Hoedspruit area. Preceded by Sunset Game Drive.
Duration: 4-5 hours

Fusing the pleasures of food and fire, the South African braai is synonymous with a safari experience. It not only elevates the food component of your time with us, but it creates an atmosphere of friendship and celebration. Feasting under an open sky layered with stars, with the territory of Africa’s wild species darkening around you, you will be drawn to the light and crackle of the fire.


As fire-trained chefs flip seasoned steak on the glowing coals, the familiar smoky aroma will churn up an appetite. The exciting events of your days on safari become the topic of conservation as you share memories and moments with your fellow journeying humans.

A bush braai takes us back to our shared roots, when our forefathers would light fire for both safety and food, and in our modern day fireside celebration, we are reminded of this age-old approach to survival. 

 During the meal, listen out for the iconic call of the hyena, the pearl-spotted owlet, and the fiery-necked nightjar. Feel the warmth of the fire on your face and savour the traditional flavours of South African food in your belly, leaving you satisfied and full of the sensations that complete a safari. 

From R1,195 per person (adults), Kids less R100 per person, price varies by group size.


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